Streamer Notice


  • I. Stream on Twitch Live or YouTube Live

    • Save one weeks broadcast as a photo and send it to L2HERO on Saturday.
    • L-Coin rewards are paid for the amount of time broadcast for one week.

    II. Rewards for each broadcast time

    • More than 10 hours to less than 30 hours: L-Coin x 5000, Sayhas Potion x 50
      More than 30 hours to less than 50 hours: L-Coin x 10000, Sayhas Potion x 100
      More than 50 hours to less than 100 hours: L-Coin 20000, Sayhas Potion x 200
      Over 100 hours: L-Coin 30000, Sayhas Potion x 300

    III. Compensation

    • Eligibility: Anyone
    • Date: Every Saturday